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Caption Contest Four

Welcome to Caption Contest Four!

The contest will be open for one week. If I don't feel we have enough captions I may choose to extend the contest for a further week.

The Rules:
* You may submit one caption for each picture.
* Please put your race in the subject line for your comment so your race will earn points!
* Please indicate which screencap your caption is for. Example -
Caption Number One - "Frodo is hot!"
Caption Number Two - "It's my Precioussss".
*All comments for the captions and voting are screened. If I forget to screen them, please let me know!
* Have fun!!! (OK, not really a rule... -_^ )

Participation: 5 points for each caption (or a total of 10 for both screencaps)
1st Place: 500 points
2nd Place: 300 points
3rd Place: 100 points
Honorable Mention(if the there is one): 50 points
This is a bit different from past contests but follows the guidelines set up for contests by our Vala elgato_gamgins

On to the screencaps!

Screencap One (click on screencap for larger image)

Screencap Two (click on screencap for larger image)

Caption Contest #4 is now closed. Time to vote!
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