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Denethor /Finduilas, magic 8 palantir, Havelock Hurin

Boromir is no longer the only Hornhead.

Posted by b2wm on 10.27.2006 at 9.13.pm
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A comic about LotR: the Musical.


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sheiannasherra at 2006-10-31 18:54 (UTC) (Link)
*trying to catch breath after falling over laughing* The comic is hilarious! Couldn't get the link in the comment section to work but if the 3 pictures in the comic are representative of the shows costuming etc. it's probably just as well!
sulien at 2007-08-19 04:27 (UTC) (Link)
Please pardon the lateness of this reply, but I just joined the community. I loved the cartoon and followed the link to the musical's site. Wow. Boromir as a Jaffa? Sorry, but that gold emblem on his forehead definitely brought Stargate to mind. The clips and montages seemed very, very strange to me and the production's concept of Lothlórien boggled my mind, but I still want to see the musical. I will definitely have to put myself in my "this is not Tolkien" headspace when I do and view the production as its own entity, just as I did Peter Jackson's films.
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